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Spoilers and Pics
Source: Onemanga
Credits: Rajin
Status: Confirmed

Entire translation by Sheetz@FLOL

P 1
Ichigo: Ginjou!! 
Ichigo's thoughts: (What's going to happen?)

Tsukishima's thoughts: With my "Book of the End" I can insert myself into my opponent's past at will...
Ichigo's thoughts: Does Ginjou believe he's Tsukishima's friend like everyone else?

Ichigo: Ginjou!! Are you ok!!
Ginjou: Ugh...
Ichigo's thoughts: Please...
Ichigo: Ginjou!!
Ginjou: Shut up!!

Ginjou: Don't bother with me...Kurosaki. If you get slashed by Tsukishima from behind it's over..!!

Ichigo: Are you ok, Ginjou?
Ginjou: I dunno. It's just...I can still discern that Tsukishima is the enemy.

Ginjou: And I think you're my nakama.
Ichigo: ...Is that right...I'm glad.
Ginjou: I don't know why Tsukishima's ability didn't activate. Maybe it depends on the individual. Or maybe he has some other reason for not activating it. Either way...

Ginjou: If we don't defeat Tsukishima soon...after it's activated there won't be anything left to do!!
Ichigo: Alright!!

Ishida: Kurosaki.
Ichigo: Ishida...!!
Ichigo's thoughts: Which is it...?

Ichgo: Ishida must have been slashed by Tsukishima, but his wounds are healed!? By Inoue? Inoue was slashed by Tsukishima. Did she think Tsukishima was our nakama when she healed Ishida? If she did then she would have healed Ishida asTsukihima's instrument. Which are you, Ishda!!

Ichigo: So it's true. You're affected, too, Ishida...!!
Ishida: Kurosaki. Come here!

Ishida: I saw the situation downstairs. Relax. I'm an ally.
Ichigo: Whose...
Ishida: What's wrong? Hurry up, Kurosaki...
Ichigo: Ishida...
Ishida: Kurosaki...!!

Ishida: Don't you understand? The one who slashed me...was the guy standing behind you!!

[Nothing on this page to translate.]

[Nothing to translate.]

Ishida: Kurosaki!!

Ginjou: Hahahahahahah!!!

Ichigo: Ginjou...why...So it's true...Tsukishima's ability...
Ginjou: ...Yeah...It was "Tsukishima's ability" alright...But don't misunderstand. I didn't become your enemy by getting slashed by Tsukishima...

Ginjou: After I had Tsukishima slash me a second time, I returned back to normal. Now, give me your fullbring.

[Nothing to translate.]

The end.