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    One Piece What do you like or hate about Enies Lobby arc. Submit your ratings.

    The epic saga of Enies Lobby has finally drawn to a conclusion for both the manga and the anime. Arguably one of the best One Piece arcs thus far, it had all the right ingredients: comedy, psychological thriller, drama, adventure and hell of a lot of actions.

    Were you satisfied?

    If you were asked to give this arc a rating, what would be your response?

    What did you like or hate about this arc?

    Care to share your opinion?

    As a tradition with the majority of my threads, this one is poll based as well.

    My rating: 5/5

    The Good: Fast pacing, rapid developing, overwhelmingly emotional, coupled with breath taking action with an ingenious blend of comedy, the entire arc left me speechless as I mouse scrolled through the chapters. Indeed, it was the greatest manga arc I ever had of the fortune of experiencing. With that said, I offer my whole hearted applause to Eiichiro Oda.

    The Bad: The only detail that I found uncomfortable with is how, as it commonly occurs in all works of fiction, the straw hats escaped the supposedly inescapable without any long-term after effect or significant losses of any sort. Although the process was nothing short of journeying through the nine hells, the ending was just a little too perfect.

    The Ugly: Kokoro.
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