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    Good: sexiest fight ever; Gear second; Gear third; the technique that allows you to eat while sleeping; all of the cp9 techniques; the whole story of the arc; Franky joined; Luufy in the island was legendary (at least 1000 of which were taken out by Mugiwara Luffy); pretty much everything else.

    Bad: I was expecting the Going Merry to save them ever since Ussop and Franky talked... predictable(although in my imagination Merry appeared out of the ocean in a waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy cooler way)


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    I loved this arc aswell. That prick who was head of CP9 (forgot his name), i was sick of him going all woman beater on Robin-chwan~ and almost creamed my pants with happiness when she snapped the w*nkers back (Ahh memories~).

    Also luffy's gear second looked great animated (unlike a certain transformed, lipstick wearing fox boy in his anime).

    Oh and Robin's little "i want to live" speach had me crying like a baby (yup i'm definitely sensitive when it comes to other peoples sorrow or joy). So yeah a great arc, it was a bit long but the events that took place during the arc more than compensated for it

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    I thought all of it was pretty good, but I was really dissatisfied with the Luffy-Lucci fight. To me the fight was just convoluted and messy =\

    All the other fights were awesome, I especially liked Chopper's fight and he's my least favorite Strawhat.

    3/5 because the climax was... not climactic IMO, but honestly that one fight is the weakest part of the series to me. That being said the rest of the series is superb, it's still my favorite manga and the only one I've read three+ times (that and DB, actually) especially considering how long it is.

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    Favourite arc in OP for me, as well as Arlong. I'm a sucker for all the nakama stuff Plus I liked the originality of Gear 2nd and 3rd and the other power ups. And the abilities of CP9 were awesome as well. I cried when Merry "died" and got laughed at for crying for a "stupid boat". Only downfall was i found it a tad too long and the whole iceburg and franky thing a bit of a bore after a while. but overall, 5/5!

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    It was probably the best ever. For One Piece and amongst the best for all others. It was a great story, rooted on long ring long island and we had an even more stupid character, if it was ever possible, in Kaku. It had everything, passion, comedy, tragedy and everything else you can come up with. And if something was predictable was cause it was bound to happen (the fact in itself).

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