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    Bleach 457 Discussion / 458 Predictions

    Chapter 457: "End of the Bond 3" :


    Alternative Release :



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    Uryuu's time to shine. . . . and then lose an arm
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    Nonstop action packed chapter that actually gave us more information in the process. Win.

    Having Slot Machine Knuckles is a pretty innovative and awesome power, initially I thought he'd be screwed because he'd have to get in close to use that 'Killing Blow' but then I remembered he'd undone the chandelier at a distance, so perhaps he's mid range fighter as well.

    Seeing Ichigo use the Getsuga Tenshou was awesome and seemingly laid to rest those who say his inner selves haven't returned along with his powers. Unless Kubo changes the formula, he is only able to derive that attack from Zangetsu, which opens up a new avenue of speculation as to just what mixture that sword is he's using these days.

    T Sizzle seems to be over matched and more importantly, expected this to happen. He very nearly seems at peace with the current situation, so he's either in over his damn head and played his part in bringing it to fruition or he's powerful enough to shrug off Ichigo's progress.

    All in all, damn good chapter.

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    Awesome chap,

    The training with Jackie paid off well, Ichigo can literally kick ass.

    If he can bring out Getsuga Tenshou then Zangetsu and Hichigo isn't far behind, but next week it looks like we'll see Ishida join the frey.

    I still don't understand Tsukishima's angle, what the hell is he after? ...His body, mind, power?????

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    Bleach 457

    The chapter is truly awesome yet i am not satisfied :(
    I really think that kubo should end this tsukishima arc soon.
    Tsukishima lost an arm without even reacting in earlier chapter. Now Ichigo can barely keep up with him... It's nonsensical. I really an getting tired of ichigo facial expression with his friends turning against him. Get over it and fight like a man... wait he did say that only to give a full opening for tsukishima...--'

    I am getting the feeling that the one who will come to the rescue is ichigo's younger sister, the one with dark hair. Maybe she is transformed into shinigami or something. That's my prediction and i really hope it's not gonna happen because that would be sooo lame.
    About ishida... Never liked him so ....

    Sorry for hardcore fans but bleach is really getting on my nerve lately with ichigo dumbness. Hope it will pass soon

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    wow awesome chap! ichigo is really whiping Tsukishima's ass, 2 bad he is a goddamn chicken :>

    but next chapter, either Ishida shows up or Urahara, if not I think we will see Ichigo evolve one step further or something like that. All his rage that pushes him + now he really is alone. Maybe getting closer to his Shinigami/Hollow form (damn I miss Hichigo and the badass hollow maskes)

    edit* lol didnt catch up that it was Ishida on the last panel :e

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    The Emperor of Everything dct21's Avatar
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    awesome, didn't expect ichigo to whip out a getsuga though

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    Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō Daemon Spade's Avatar
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    Yea, didnt see getsuga coming, but it was a refreshing sight. I think Ichigo's next progression will be adding the mask to his new outfit. They'll go perfectly together...his new form looks like an arrancar so naturally add on the mask=complete hollow/arrancar outfit.

    The chapter was good. Like Genesis said, Bleach's normal action, but with solid dialogue and good information equals win.

    Damn Ginjo...Ever heard of pushing someone out of the way rather than jumping infornt of them?

    Earlier I was thinking to myself...why is it that we know more about Tsukishima aka TPain, then we do about Ginjo.

    Slot machine idea, but what happens if the brass knuckles dont hit the jackpot?

    Yea, Isshida is in the building. What if he jumps in and immediatly get an arm chopped off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon Spade View Post
    Yea, Isshida is in the building. What if he jumps in and immediatly get an arm chopped off?
    Thats how it goes and that's how it should be as the gospel of Kubo dictates.
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    Excellent chapter.

    With Ichigo using Getsuga Tenshou mean that his fullbring is slowly awakening his shinigami powers. But I have a feeling this is what excatly what Tsuki wanted but the reason is why? Is it to use Ichigo, that if he can cut him or steal his powers. Dammit I really want to know this guy really wants. Ishida's the move I see, can't wait to see what action he takes. Also is the arrival of Urahara nd Isshin near.

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