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    [Manga & Anime] Gantz reviewed by K-oz

    Rating: 9 -Excellent-
    Commentary: It's really good and addictive. My personal #1 favorite manga. The story remains interesting and focused all through out, not for the faint of heart though, lots of violence and gore, on a level comparable to a horror story.
    Bias: Yes, it's my #1 fav so i think im probably biased.
    Status: Ongoing
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    Rating: -6 - Notable!
    Commentary: How could the anime go wrong??? First of the anime is only about 75% faithful to the manga. The anime has a lot of added bits that are not ever mentioned in the manga and after one of the most dramatic points in the manga the anime completely derails and pans it's own story to bring an end to the series. A tragic end at that. I would completely warn anyone from checking this out, instead point them towards the manga which is superb, as a stand alone item the anime is bearable and interesting at times (when it actually follows the manga) but overall it just has way too many stupid things added on that take away from the overall experience and confuse towards the end.
    Bias: Yes, I read manga first, thus likely to increase my hatred of the nonsense added on in the anime.
    Status: 26 Episdoes
    Free Sources: N/A
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    You were quite generous to give the anime adaption a 6, the ending absoloutly sucked infact the only bit i enjoyed was Rip Slyme's opening song...... yeah that was about it.

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