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    Sasuke vs Madara

    During the fight between itachi and sasuke, itachi said that madara was an invincible immortal and that the only one who could surpass him was himself. So we can say that at that point, madara was till stronger than itachi since itachi hoped to surpass him. then itachi talks about claiming a power greater than madara. remember that cause that's immportant. Then itachi tells sasuke that sasuke will be his light. As we know itachi plans out every detail and usually has a purpose behind everything he says and does. That's why I dont think amaterasu was the only power implanted into to sasuke, and i think his new sharigan has powers that even surpasses madara right now. When itachi said he will gain powers that would surpass madara and sasuke would be his new light, he was speaking of giving sasuke powers thus living through him. He also made a point earlier about how sacrifices played a big role in the uchia clan. But itachi's sacrifice was different therefor i think that theirs two choices

    A. how he was able to transfer a very part of his soul into sasuke. That would solve the problem of blindness since he would be changing host.

    B. His willing sacrifice probably open a whole new sharigan above even the ms. that would explain the "power" he was refering to that would surpass madara.

    either way sasuke would beat madara if it ever came down to it. the power that itachi was speaking of is now within sasuke. and itachi's role is not over in the story line.
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    "itachi tells sasuke that sasuke will be his light." that line was referring to sasukes eyes being itachi's light when he was trying to scare him about taking his eyes. The light being the clear vision that you get when you get EMS aside from slowly getting blind and descending into darkness.

    thats what I saw that as anyways :s

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    i dont think sasuke would be stupid enough and fight madara

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    Well bigjara could be right....Itachi does plan everything out.....I do think Sasuke will betray Madara and he and Naruto will finish Madara...MS + FTGT = > Madara.

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    "His willing sacrifice probably open a whole new sharigan above even the ms. that would explain the "power" he was refering to that would surpass madara."

    if wat madara said was true, then his brother willing gave him his eyes. so sasuke's power wouldn't be greater

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    Sasuke is stupid, he doesn't think things thoroughly unlike his brother. He didn't take his eyes so he took temporary power. Trying to act all cool by turning his eyes down. STUPID.

    He's no match for Madara because Madara has EMS and has like so much more battle experience, he pretty much lives in War.

    Dude don't take anything from the battle between Sasuke and Itachi because it was all an act... everything he said was planned out.

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    As much as I know, Itachi wanted Sasuke to live. Not becouse he's "good" or something, just so that Sasuke would obtain the m.s. So that he could take his (as in sasuke's) eyes. Couse if he has all three ms eyes, then I suppose something "big" will happen, like: he gains the "top" of the sharingan! And since he knew he was already poisoned (by Madara), he thought, if "He" can't obtain that power, then he'll let (and help) his brother (Sasuke) to achieve it! So he gave all his powers to Sasuke, and some to Naruto as well. But I think the only reason he gave Naruto power is: to make Sasuke a worthy opponent in witch way Sasuke would get even better if he can kill naruto. The reason why I know it wasn't planed out straight from the start is because Itachi wanted to kill Naruto when they first met. Anyways he can't just plan things, he is under Madara just like the kyuubi, nagato, and all of akatsuki. So he has to obey orders.
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    If it ever boils down to a Sauske VS Madara fight.. Madara will 100% win.

    Madara wields space time ninjutsu. He can teleport any attack Sauske throws at him. He fucking wields the rinnegan.. and all of its holy power. He wields the 6 paths of pain that can make a quick work of Sauske. He wields the 1st Hokage's cells so he can repair any damage Sauske throws at him.

    Sauske has EMS, but I know Madara can effectively counter it. Chidori, or any other form of lightning attack? Madara has immunity to that. Any sort of elemental attacks? Say hi to space time ninjutsu. Madara is just too powerful for Sauske to defeat.

    So Madara>Sauske = End of story

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    tobirama senju, are you out of ur mind...? It's called "Naruto"...., and it's all about him "searching for sasuke.....(they're rivals). So the " end" will look like this...: Naruto and Sasuke will be fighting as the " last" ones: "good" and "bad". It wouldn't make sence any other way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobirama Senju View Post
    He fucking wields the rinnegan.. and all of its holy power.
    What are its holy powers? Actually, what is so special about it in the first place? wow 6 elements... And the multi-view thing is only because he had 6 paths all being controlled by 1 guy remotely, they were basically 6 cameras, nothing special and not because of the rinnegan.

    I think the space-time jutsu is the only real problem but Sasuke could probably figure out his time limits or how to seal his phasing power
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