Rating: 10 -Flawless-
Commentary: This manga is breath taking. I'm not one to readily go on about giving sports based manga a chance but oh boi was I glad I gave this one a try. It will completely captivate you and keep you interested. It's a manga based on Boxing, so if you are a boxing fan you should definetly start reading and if you arent, you should at least give it a shot, you will most likely enjoy it.
Bias: None
Status: Ongoing
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Rating: 9 -Excellent-
Commentary: It stays faithful to the manga and tho the pacing is a bit slow in the beginning it quickly picks up and takes you for a ride through the Boxing world like no other. I recommend anyone interested in giving this show a chance, to start off with the Anime which is 75 episodes long, with 1 ova and 1 movie released. And then pick up on the manga from where the anime leaves off at around volume 33 or so.
Bias: None
Status: Currently 75 Episodes
Free Sources: - Hajime no Ippo