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I definitely enjoyed this opening, I voted 4/5 simply because nothing is perfect.

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Seriously? I felt that the opening was a perfect portrayal of One Piece spirit. The amount of spoiler was acceptable. I am no fan of pop style, however it seemed to me that the song fitted the graphic beautifully. Oh well, everybody's opinions are different.
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Terrible, just really terrible in my opinion.

I understand that the video is post to go along with the music and have a general feel of what the Straw Hat's do on the ship and in daily life. However the animators have failed once more by clearly trying to not to spoil too much, but still put enough in to make people like it. This video feels too J-pop to me, which makes me glad I'm more of a manga fan then anime.

Give me an openings that remind me of the classics like Bon Voyage, Kokoro no Chizu, and Believe. Those had the "One Piece" feeling.
Agree with DukeTheGold and think that most of the original songs didn't keep with the one piece spirit. I know some people and even me included ( with no knowledge of the manga) who didn't watch the show from the beginning simply because the songs and the scenes depicted were basically all fun and no real serious fighting. Besides if you're comparing it to the old songs, make sure that on some terms One Piece has really changed from it's beginnings which can be depicted from the idea of "Brand New World"

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I gave it a 4/5.

It impressed me, and was in the end above my expectations for what I thought it would turn out as. The graphics and the song worked well together I just didn't give it a 5 because I'm not really a fan of the song (stand-alone). Although in the end I would probably put this in the top three of the One Piece openings.
Beat my expectations as well.