Genre : Supernatural, Steampunk, Adventure, Drama, Comedy
Written by : Hiroyuki Asada
Published by : Shueisha
Demographic : Shōnen
Magazine : Monthly Shōnen Jump, Weekly Shōnen Jump, Jump SQ.
Original run : September 2006 – ongoing
Chapter : 49 (I think as of Jul?)


The story takes place in the land of AmberGround, a place of perpetual night only partially illuminated by an artificial sun. Lag Seeing works as a "Letter Bee" (delivery boy) at the "Bee Hive" (a delivery service), with his Dingo, Niche, and her "pet", Steak, traveling with him. As a Letter Bee, Lag's job is entrusted to deliver letters and packages from town to town while avoiding Amberground's deadliest hazard — a species of giant armored insect known as Gaichuu, who attempt to feed off the "heart" that reside within these letters and packages.

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**I'm currently in chap 9. I like it so far. It has its (kinda)unique storyline and its kinda reminad me of FMA, I mean about being Goverment's dog and use it for your own purpose. Well, what does makes medislike it it's Lag. He is a crybaby.