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    Eat the power of Fairy Tail?

    Hades looked so dissapointed. Like he expected ham or steak.

    By really though. I like team vs 1s. Reminds me of of an actual RPG. Next chapter. Hades proceeds to make everyone disappear one by one. Though... I hope he sends Lucy next. Just for the mid arc change in wardrobe.

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    Yeah you're probably right. Next chapter Kuma will make them disappear one at a time.
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    I have a question.

    I understand that his resistance against magic is superb, but he doesn't have any armor (unless what he is wearing is an armor that is magically power upped to defend against physical attacks) and isn't using any defense magic, so his defense should be at the level of an old man, then, wouldn't a normal punch actually knock him out ?

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    Awesome chapter! I think Hades either turned her into pure magic (being that his obsession is all about the source of magic) or in a very dorky twist it would be the opposite of Makarovs, he could turn people small (reverse giant magic lol). But either way I hope Wendy steps up as a dragon slayer of the highest kind of magic and pops back in all pissed off and dripping with power telling him "who the hell do you think you are trying to make me disappear!?" lol. He was smart though, he took out the biggest challenge to him, the healer, now everyone is still a little exhausted and have already used their stronger spells, all thats left would be for either Natsu to go ape shit (usual), Gray to use Ice Shell (unlikely), Luxus to pop in and save the day with Makarov (possible), or stalemate/retreat. I hope its Luxus though, I think extreme speed would be the only way to deal with a magic that you can't see and seems instantaneous, zapping all around with lightning! But in the end it will be some kind of trick just like Azuma and his tiny bombs.

    Once Zeref gets involved though I think this arc will be pretty much over.
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