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    Fullmetal Alchemist Fairy Tail Chapter 243 : "Mistakes and Experience"

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    Great chapter.

    Damn what the hell did Hades just do to Wendy.

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    Although a team battle is nice, i rather see Makarov pummeling his ex-Master down

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    Let's see how Hades will fare against Laxus in next week, or the one after it, but for now... they as well may all die, to be later magically revived or to reveal that they never died, or even better, it was the teleport guy's magic, set so it would teleport out people without their clothes, when they are about to die .

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    any way GREAT CHAPTER. loved it it showed how strong they are while still showing how epic hades is. i hope wendy is not dead but that would explain the visions. but either way it was an epic chapter. LUXAS PLEASE come to the rescue
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    That was the most fluid and powerful united front Fairy Tail has ever put up against a single enemy, and they couldn't even get in a scratch.

    Hades is completely out of their league. Poor Wendy being the first victim was definitely unexpected. His Katsu spell is a real threat, I wonder what exactly it does? Teleportation, or even worse possibly a step up from Gildartz disassembly spells and some type of existence rewriting? (No way Wendy's a goner, but it's hard thinking of what could have happened to her instead)

    Even if Laxus makes the save, can he really take on Hades? Whether he's decided to roll with his Lachyrama Dragon Slaying, or learn some tricks of his own will also be interesting.

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
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    Wendy's body disappearance hints out a potential fan service next chapter where everyone becomes cloth-less.. Now if Laxus comes out to save the day seems impossible unless the author wants to switch the main character to Laxus. Or Mashima is waiting a color page to show Laxus's entrance into the battle?

    Either chapter 244 is a [for lack of better terms] Genjutsu-spam by Hades or this is the end of Wendy..
    Or Hades turns one person a time into a evil spirit [like a Nirvana spell which changes peoples nature]?

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    well, what about zeref? it's possible he's the one who will show up...

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    Chapter 243

    New chapter was awesome. Like other said, very nice team cooperation. But in vain ...--'
    What's with hades and his katsu?? Is this some kind of magic words or just combat words like in martial arts???

    For wendy , she can't be dead, mashima needs her for future dragon combats. Either Hades teleported her, transformed her or made her invisible or something.

    Next Fairy Tail chapter is named thunder crashes: What does it mean? Laxus crashing in the fight or a big disaster coming up???

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    5/5 next chapter probably Laxus is back
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