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    One Piece One Piece 474 Discussion

    Cool chapter, discuss and predict away. Will this arc be ending soon? Will Kuma's involvement not be as cool as we all thought? We'll find out.

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    Teach new shibibukai. What did he do to become one? Neither his battle with Ace or the outcome was mentioned... So, why the hell did the WG choose a 0 belli pirate??? Seems Luffy isnt gonna be the main fight in this arc ;p thats what i love about Oda, u never know whats coming...

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    So Tech became an official Shichibukai..

    Originally, he sought out Luffy’s bounty to make himself a name and be presentable as a candidate for the position of Shichibukai. But seeing how Kuma first asked Nami (previous CH) if Ace was indeed Luffy’s brother and following-- he informs Gekko that the new member is Marshall D. Tech. If I recall correctly, the Marines first rejected Lafitte’s proposal of Tech’s nomination for the Shichibukai, saying a no-name pirate is not good for intimidating other pirates.

    I have a feeling that Ace might have lost (but not dead) against Tech in their earlier battle, hence, getting the WG’s attention and insuring the position of the Shichibukai.

    Which also leads me to wonder, why the heck is Tech so hell bent on becoming a Shichibukai?? I have a theory that the members of the Shichibukai became so because maybe they got tired of Marines harassing them for bounty and such.-- but the Blackbeard Pirates don’t even have bounties (yet--). I hope there’s a bigger picture.

    Blah-- this is mere speculation-- feel free to fly other angles. XP
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    Fantastic, Teach just made himself history as the shichibukai with the lowest former bounty ever-a grand total of 0. Of course, there was reasoning behind that...but I found that almost as hilarious as Chopper's 50 beli. Does that indicate that Chopper is stronger than Blackbeard? He he...Of course not.

    Now, regarding the recent chapter. He learned several useful pieces of information:
    1. Zoro's new sword is quite powerful, perhaps the sole opposite of Zoro's broken blade. 2. Blackbeard is the new Shichibukai, which of course, pretty much tells us that he cashed in Ace.
    3. Kuma is the only shichibukai loyalist for the World Government, which means that all remaining 6 are...predictably...renegades.
    4. Brooke isn't dead...well, depends on your perspective...
    5. The straw hats got 50 minutes until Zoro, Sanji and Luffy vanish into ashes. Oh well, I am certain that Captain Usopp will continue Luffy's legacy and become the pirate king.
    6. Enel got himself an army of mole people, but still an army. Oda wouldn't simply leave such a powerful character on the moon all by himself with a huge army for no apparent reason whatsoever. So expect more Enel arse kicking action in the next...200th chapters or 300th.
    7. They finally found enough salt to defeat Oz. But I suspect that even if Oz get purified, Moria can still animate Oz's dead body from within Oz.
    8. Kuma is NOT on order to aid Moria. Therefore the outcome of this entire Thriller Bark arc may very well depend on Kuma's mood-helpful, or not helpful?

    As for why the world government chose Blackbeard. Well, by all indications, the world government is currently in NEED of a new Shichibukai. The world is in chaos, especially after the Straw Hats incinerated World Government's front door-Enies Lobby. Blackbeard has proven his worth by defeating a commander of Whitebeard Pirates. So he got promoted. Apparently he had to demonstrate his power as well. And it would simply be logical to have such a powerful logia user to be WITH you, rather than against you. After all, that's what Shichibukai status is - To bribe seven powerful pirates, let them do what they want, as long as they don't attack the World Government, that's fine.

    Shichibukai status grant the pirates the alliance of the Navy I suppose. Blackbeard inspired to become the Pirate King. To do so, he will require every allies he can muster. Becoming a Shichibukai sounds rather reasonable to me.

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    Obviously blackbeard becoming a schichibukai is part of something much greater, he has a plan, it may well be simply to avoid ahvbing amriens and the wg hassling him, but even so, that means he has a plan, for something, may be greater than one piece. Awesome chapter, get the feeling the arc is nearly over and things are gonna get even more awesome.

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    pretty awesome chapter, I wanna know more about Zoro's swords powers and stuff like that (wish they'd give something special to Sanji though, hes my fav, maybe like a DF power or something) and ive been thinking about Kuma's power, if it is teleportation then maybe it works like he asks you where you wanna go and if you tell him then he can send you but if you don't then he can't? this would make him a lot less threatening than I would have thought though.

    P.S. on a side note where does it say Dragon's DF power?
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    i would say shouldn't get a DF power, I mean he's strong enough as it is and it's nice to see strong characters who don't have DF powers.

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    Kuma and Moria facing eachother has got to be one of the coolest panels in OP. I just loved Oz`s reaction when he found out that there was a control unit in his stomach.

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    One Piece

    On Teach and Ace, I don't think Ace is dead for the simple fact that Oda is not a moron and therefore he wouldn't kill such a popular character.

    Two theories:
    1. In terms of the storyline, he may be presumed dead for the time being in order to use the news to make Luffy grow up as a character. Hey, pigs fly, you never know!

    2. It is also possible that Teach handed Ace over to the Marines as proof of his power. After all Ace is a well known pirate and his DF power is pretty damn hard beat. Also the Marines might try to use Ace as hostage to keep Luffy in check if they cannot defeat him.

    As for Zoro, I think, he would consider eating a DF as cheating himself. Depending on the fruit it might even turn out to be a serious disadvantage for his fighting style plus eating a DF has the whole kairouseki and other water related issues.

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    So, there have been two robot references in this arc (that I recall):

    - The Strawhats (minus Luffy and the unwilling Robin) try to construct a "super robot" to fight Oz

    - Oz has a cockpit inside his stomach, with Moria safely inside

    Cool, Oda. Very cool.
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