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    Hello gentlemen (and ladies) how are you.

    Hello, I go online by the name Mooo and I'm usually a nice person. I've been looking for another community to spend time in, and it's nice to see Bludshock's page of lightning-fast manga goodness become a full-fledged community like this. I look forward to talking with folks here.

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    Hello, Hi! Introduce yourself to the Mangashare community!

    Well, the introductions thread is getting a little long winded. Please use this thread to introduce yourself to the community!

    As for introductions, I am a member of the #blood-scans group and have been for some time. So, howdy!

    Favorite animes...hmm. I will have to expand the list later but: OP, Bleach and Naruto are up there (in that order). Additionally, I would add: Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Kenshin, and many other classics.

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