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    [Anime] Innocent Venus Reviewed By Sangaz

    Innocent Venus

    Genre: Science Fiction, Mecha
    No. of Episodes: 12
    Aired: 26/07/06 - 25/10/06

    This post-apocalyptic series is centred around a strange little girl named Noto Sana and two men named Katsuragi Jo and Tsurasawa Jin- A couple of ex soldiers from an elite group named Phantom, It follows them as they are hunted down by Logos a ruling military force whom apear to be after Sana and the secrets she holds.

    What I thought of it:
    I found this series to be your stereotypical mecha anime, It had nothing new... infact it was pretty much made up of recycled storylines and characters. The biggest let down for this anime however is not the storyline, its the mobile suites, they are in CG and they really dont match the animated parts, they just dont look right at all. The suits also appear to be cheap copys of Masamune Shirow's Armored exoskeleton design from Ghost in the Shell - S.A.C, which being a big G.I.T.S fan may give me a biased opinion on this series.
    Out of the characters themselves the only one I really liked was Sana
    purely because she's quite cute, as for the rest well Jo and Jin are tollerable but the soldiers in Phantom are full to the brimm with cliche's, these include a guy who likes to lick his knives and giggle, an asian fellow that reads tarrot cards and attempts to sound eiree and a stern, silent-ish tough guy, And lest we forget the little untrustworthy merchant boy who never shuts up.
    As for the storyline itself... well its below average, it has the odd plot twist and heroic moment but it overall lacks any sort of substance and doesnt leave you wanting to know more.
    Overall it isnt awfull but its no where near being anything special. If your into the whole mecha genre then i suggest you give it a watch as you might enjoy it, But if your not into mecha dont waste your time downloading/purchasing it because you will just get bored of it quick.

    If you feel like giving it a watch you can download the full series at the link below for the time being (You need a torrent client to D/L).

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    I saw two episodes from this free dvd I got. I didnt like it

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