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    Fullmetal Alchemist Fairy Tail Chapter 242 : "The Power of 'Life'"

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    well now we know her background:o

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    In the end, she got exactly what she wanted, both physically and emotionally.

    I always thought she was called Ultear because she was the reason for her mom's suffering, but it was actually the opposite.

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    Well, we can now consider ultear to be a new ally.
    I expected more of their battle but i guess mashima wants us to focus on the upcoming battle against Hades.

    PS: At chapter 234, we could see a little boy with dark hair and fairy tail tattoo on his shoulder. Does anyone know who it was?
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    ^Romeo. You know Macao's kid.

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    I just can't stop laughing.Ur melted into the ocean.Take a dip in the sea, see memories from Ur.
    now I wonder how big the Fairy Tale world is?.....

    Ultear's past was pretty unsatisfactory to me. Kidnapped by a magical laboratory for testing? Who somehow convinced Ul that her body was too gruesome to see just because of excessive magic? And Ul didn't demand her daughter's body for a funeral? And to top it off, she did all that complex scheming and manipulating over the years for a simplistic, childish grudge over seeing her mother with two other kids that gave her such a huge irrational hatred?

    the only interesting things was the Lightning storm off the coast that`s getting closer.hopefully Laxus...

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    Yeah, i agree it's a bit over the top. It doesn't make much sense about ultear's past...To go all psycho for a grudge against her mother...

    But i don't think that the thunder represent laxus. I mean he is not this strong you know. He doesn't have enough power to change the weather like this. He's not a true dragon slayer, i'm sure that natsu with his true power easily beats him.

    If makarov couldn't do much against hades, i don't think that laxus can beats hades.

    I think the lightning storm just means that a great fight is gonna take place. That's all.

    PS: No one know about the kid on the last page of chapter 234 " the boy who stares at sea" ?? Because he kinda looks like Natsu except with the hair colou. He has about the same uniform and the same scarf... And he looks super strong.
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    As arisart already said, the kid was Macao's son.

    You know, Ultear was trapped in a lab being experimented with who knows what. She was probably turning psycho already by then.

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