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    Katekyo Hitman Reborn 343 Discussion / 344 Predictions

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    This chapter was hot!!

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    Would rate it 3.5/ 5.

    Nothing extremely important or memorable

    But killer usage + explanation of his powers exerted by Tsuna.
    Wonder if there's a reason he didn't use the same XX Burner version?...

    + Seriously, WTH is Spade?; seems way too comfortable with the my lips appearing out of my A$$ ability. Any1 else saw the spade in his eye? Think he might have used his own version of Mukuro's abilities.

    more and more it seems like the 1st Vongola Boss was a veritable genius.He might think even farther ahead then 10 yrs later Tsuna. So now every1's released from prison anyway.

    While it's cool seeing Tsuna so almost overpowered, would have preferred if Enma or both got it just for the sake of interrupting repetitiveness.
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    I thought it was a decent explanation as to why the rings suddenly came together. Tsuna reminds me of Pikachu from Pokemon (if anyone still follows), by the end of each region Pikachu is ridiculously overpowered, but as soon as him and Ash go to a new one he gets his ass kicked over and over again.

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    good chapter, kind of ready to get this show on the road and get moving though.
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    First time I saw Daemon's human body parts ability, I remembered the Father from FMA.

    Not really a great chapter.

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    What's with shonen mangas and dead people coming back or leaving their souls?

    Anyway, I liked this chapter. And I agree about the Spade's body, its totally 'FMA-esque'.
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