whoaaaaa :O naruto is a beast! he's much better and experienced with his new kyuubi cloak now, to the point where he can do normal rasengans(but can he do the bijuu bomb?).. and the hachibi only warned naruto not to use kage bunshinm which naruto responded by that it doesn't matter because he has alot of chakra himself so he can use multiple clones. which hachibi simply responded not to underestimate the kyuubi, i don't think he literally meant, "use one shadow clone and you DIE!" the illustration was for visual purposes only and therefore over-exaggerated lol...

i am also wondering how the fuck is sasuke going to be able to match up to naruto with EMS!?!? the EMS is pretty hyped so it must be something great.. if sasuke gained madara's phasing ability, i guess that will give him a certain immunity with naruto's assaults.. but that's assuming madara's phasing ability has anything to do with his EMS, or if sasuke would even gain the same ability with his EMS... any thoughts?

also, what about when naruto gets his NEXT upgrade which will involve merging the kyuubi cloak with sage-chakra o.O WTF would sasuke do then; gain the eyes of the elder son himself!? :O

do you guys think madara will succeed in capturing killerbee???