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    Quote Originally Posted by Zi Dawg View Post
    Filler, not in the manga...don't be making bold assumptions like that
    did you not read the manga nothing about this episode was filler.

    What the hell did you read that showed Sabo was alive? You see his hat floating near his burning boat and that's the end of it. I'm not doubting he's alive. But it was never shown that he was walking and alive after his boat was shot at

    smh, so many stupid people
    it obvious that oda is forshadowing so he can bring it up later in the story, just like he did with aces hat during the blackbeard fight

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    This episode also reminded me of something else. When Ace was first introduced back at Drum Island, almost seemed like he was some powerful foe after Luffy. Giving the message to that guy telling him he'll meet him at Alabasta. Had a comic moment with eating and running, this episode shows you how he develop that habit. Ain't that big of deal but still cool to realize this since Ace was introduced into the story like 5 or 7 years ago. Guess another one of those Oda ain't making sh!t up as he goes along with this story like some other mangaka's...

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    Anyway everyone who thinks that sabo is dead can´t see the forest for the trees^^

    C´mon dragon was attached to him when they first met. Then he rescued someone with horrible wounds after we see how sabo´s boad was destroyed. Who should have been rescued instead of sabo? A world noble maybe?^^

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