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    Quote Originally Posted by cross777 View Post
    fusion dance time LOL. good chapter not bad at all.
    In the screen that has Reborn identifying Tsuna from the clearing smoke, he looks just like a super saiyan from behind like that. And I read each version of the chapter simultaneously...each has quite a different interpretation of the dialogue. I have trouble trying to ascertain what the audience is supposed to understand. The activation of the Simon ring is comparative to a Vongola animal (a small hummingbird-sized one at best). I'm psyched to see how the rings are united. This finally has a climax with gusto lacking in this arc.
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    I did not understand what that means.

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    I liked this chapter. I liked that 'Sauron' did not die and the fusion of the rings will be cool...I'm hoping.

    And again, we got a very little insight on the Arcobaleno thing...which is the biggest mystery in Reborn. I guess it won't be solved until the series ends. -_-'
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