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    Quote Originally Posted by psukkar View Post
    well even if the eye's in the pain bodies are "real" madara only had acess two pain boides of nagato.
    Nagato and Yuriko. So thats 4 rinnegans.

    And besides konoha has one pain bodie aswell but nagato didnt bother talking out the eyes in the pain bodie he found in konoha. So I doubt the rinnegans in these pain bodies are reall thing to the point anyone can come alone and go "hey I have the best eyes for free"
    Thought he took the whole body back from Konaha, and had it either repurpsed or destroyed, during the attack when Shikamaru and the assistant was there?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    Tobi has a rinnegan, the soul and body energy of so6p's descendants and power of bijuus, all of that allows him to use one jutsu of final creation, at unbelievable scale, Izanagi. If it's Tobi's chakra that flows in the zombies eyes, then yes, he can alter it to become rinnegan, as it would be the same as altering his own reality.

    The fact that the so6p could split the bijuu, with different shape, personality etc. may be because his chakra was mixed enough with the jyubi (the same thing that hapens with Bee and Naruto, when using their bijuu's chakra) and so it was almost like his own, that's why Izanagi worked, or his was still even more different.
    I thought he or rather izanagi, the limited 1's now in use, effect the users limited reality of space immediately around them? Wouldn't that mean he couldn't exactly effect the reality of 6 other separate bodies, either?


    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    You asked why the Elder son's eyes did not take the form of the Rinnegan. I think that the answer is looking you in the eyes. The Elder son's eyes are what the Sages eyes would be without the Physical Energy of the Sage. In other words, it is an incomplete Rinnegan. This my friend is the reason why people say that the Rinnegan was split in two (even though that is not accurate).

    In other words, you might compare the Elder Son's Eyes to the Ultimate EMS. If he (Elder Son) could have taken the Younger Son's Physical Energies to himself, his eyes would have changed into a Rinnegan. Conversely, if the Younger son would have removed his brother's eyes and transplanted them to himself, they would have changed into Rinnegans.

    Question: What is the connection between the Uzumaki Clan and the Elder Son? Interesting food for thought.
    It's also possible though that, judging from Zero's interpretationa couple of posts ^, that both brothers, had the means for "both sides of the coin" as it were, but they were born with excelling ability towards 1 opposite ends of the spectrum, and never even attempted really to attain for the other 1. I'm going by how the interpretation said "born with" and "excelled at", and or "gifted in", would denote to me a possibility of a possibly weaker diluted ability comparable to their father, but not necessarily needing anything from each other, but trying to search/ train/ explore their own possibilities more than what they were "gifted or excelled" at. This could also explain (possibly, even though I personally don't want it), how Naruto would develop his, if Yes possibly Itachi's gift, and perhaps a "bit" more concentration on genjutsu and it's nature that for Naruto has gone almost totally ignored by now.
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    Sasori's puppet of the 3rd kazekage was able to perform jutsu and had chakra of its own because of the way he was converted into a puppet.

    The original 6 paths were in fact already dead, and Nagato was channeling his chakra into them via the chakra rods.

    Madara's 6 paths are impure world resurrects. More than likely, unlike some of the other resurrects Kabto performed, these were likely fully mind wiped other than access to whatever powers they had (making them more 'user friendly' per se). and as resurrected beings, they would have fully functional chakra networks, so the chakra rods wont be needed. now the sharingan, rinnegan, and whatever else madara did to whatever was left of thier minds is another matter entirely
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