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    Veteran Member Light-kun's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Awesome chapter.

    Hope the Jinchuuriki fights will last for a couple of chapters and we'll see some badass jutsus.
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    this was a badass chapter, well the ending was badass

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    Someone brought up the point of Naruto being faster than his dad, since he's able to accomplish the same feats, but with pure speed and not teleportation (teleportation is still superior though. No matter how fast you get, a banana peel could still completely undo you).

    Don't know how the Kyuubi's power is gonna be enough to defeat Madara, since it's not a matter of hitting him with enough power (I'm sure there are current characters with jutsu that could obliterate Madara upon impact), but a matter if countering his Sharingan, Rinnegan, and his tricky slippy thing. For that, Naruto needs tact/tech/skill, and I've not yet seen how the Kyuubi provides him anything new in that department aside from speed and evil-sensing.

    Glad Naruto met his parents, at least once. They would be so proud.


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    that the best chapter we had in weeks, my question is where is Madara getting these rinnegans, is it possible to retrofit sharingan with senju energy to make rinnegans? just throwing that out there.

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    Vor Lord Icho Tolot's Avatar
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    Finally a good chapter!

    Well now things are getting interesting!

    Things we know about six paths:

    1- they share same view;
    2- each one has a different jutsu/ability;
    3- they have to be controlled from not very far;

    Things we don't know:

    1- they will have Madara's ability?
    2- they will have the beasts power?
    3- if they have Madara's ability, they will keep both sharingan and rinnegan ability?

    The way things are going, I think the alliance will need Kabuto on their side or Itachi and Nagato are going to get free from his control in some way.

    Let's hope for no more flashback next week!!

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    Awesome chapter!!! I don't think anyone realized just how smart Minato was until now!

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    I dont know, the the whole conversation seemed very .. childish in my opinion. But this is Shonen so I guess its my fault bcs Im reading a boys manga afterall. I think I might have got to change to Seinen bcs Im getting really tired of these easy kind of scripts.

    Tobis line at the end seemed OFF character, I cant imagine him saying something so laid-back. Well whatever

    I dont think that these new paths of Pain will be like the ones Nagato was controling. For once, Kabuto already has control over them, secondly, they are immortall so your strategy wont be the same as Narutos before where he had to eliminate them one by one. I think the strategy now should be to seal them all in once. I wonder what kind of powers will they have with sharingan and rinnegan and if they will have theyre old jinchuuriki powers too. Im not sure if this isnt too much even for Naruto as he is now.
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    All I'm gonna say is, Shit just got really REAL!

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    7 Months Left ammada™'s Avatar
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    Haven't Kabuto summoned the same Jinchuurik before...? So Madara modified them, huh?

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    Senior Member Zero's Avatar
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    ^ I'm not sure. Pain's paths, looked fresh and alive, yet were really dead. But those jinchurikis with a sharingan and rinnegan, look like zombies, so:
    a) Tobi just added power to Kabuto's summons (used up his powers for naught, as even if Kabuto couldn't control them from now on, he still probably could end the jutsu any time he wants),
    b) The bodies of the paths were corrupted by the sharingan,
    c) the dead bodies couldn't be revitalised at same level as pain's path, as Tobi doesn't posses such high level of life energy (but enough to use rinnegan),
    d) they look like zombies because of being ex-jinchurikis.

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