Sunrise released a new PV for the next chapter in the Gundam franchise. Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

"It has been a few hundred years since humans began to live on space colonies. In A.G. 101, an unknown enemy (UE) "GAFRAN" suddenly attacks one of the colonies "Angel". A long war against UE has begun.

In A.G 108, seven year old Flit Asuno lost his mother when UE attacked his colony "Ovan". His mother left him a memory unit "AGE" which had stored data of an ancient mobile suit Gundam. In A.G. 114, Flit completes the Gundam AGE and counterattacks against GAFRANs."

Despite the questionable character designs the plot synopsis and that trailer were more than enough to get me excited. Gundam AGE will show the entirety of a 100 year war against the UE encompassing the lives of three pilots.

What are the feelings of others on this?