G'day MangaShare Forum Members,
With the new "Post Time-Skip" season of Bleach Anime drawing near, I am looking forward to seeing how the studio handles it. I am enjoying the new arc in the manga very much, the arc has provided a nostalgic feeling like the first time I started with Bleach. Lately in the very story driven anime, I've found it lacks its usual Pizazz! Don't get me wrong, the Bleach story is very clever and interesting to follow but I'm not satisfied with how its more about the story than the art. With the new arc I think its a great opportunity to deliver the deep and engaging story with very attractive art and music.

The new arc has has already displayed what could be some awesome designed scenes such as Yukio's video game world, his battle with Tsukishima whilst clad and many of his other training grounds. I would also like to see some new themes and compositions for the scenes. An 8 bit theme for Yukio's world and possibly a blues or classical theme for Ginjo? And definitely a new hype song, I love Number One, but I think a new battle anthem is overdue. Also I want a new sad song, they have played Never Meant to Belong a thousand times in hundreds of different styles so I'm sure its not much to ask for a different song.

Sorry if you think I'm some kind of whiny dick. I love the series and find the art lovable at the moment but I believe some new touches here are there would make the series feel like a present to the viewer, rather than a way for Kubo to milk the franchise for all the money its worth.

Thanks for reading and discussing this with me
From Whippe