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Well, he could @ least detect + tell improvements in haki. I'm guessing he might have or grow to use, possibly a non-offensive type by the time we see him again, like COO.

Either way already, I believe it is overkill, with the 2 powers, especially if he can get really creative with the mixture of those abilities, which he undoubtedly will in the future.
Imo, WB's CoO > to whatever haki BB will learn to weild. And I'm not even going to WB's KD haki. A prime WB could easily compete with BB+3 df and not getting totally owned. The only advantage I see on BB's part is his ability to neutralize df power. So I don't see it as an overkill. He is still hittable, still drips blood and takes damage. He's not like those overkill characters like Aizen or the King in HxH wher they're both untouchable.

And if you look at it, BB's df is a great match-up to Luffy's! The gura gura nomi won't affect Luffy like normal people would as he is made of rubber. Luffy will be able to take the damage better because of that. Luffy is physically a beast too so he would be able to match BB zoan body/strength/speed just like he did with Lucci. BB will have to use his yami yami nomi to neutralize Luffy's df to inflict real damage which would open up his defense and Luffy would sneak in an attack too just like Ace did. It will go down to whose gonna be able to take a hit better.

If I could make up a match-up like that, tells us that BB having 3 df ain't overkill. Sure he will improve by then and may have come up with combo attacks but so does Luffy.