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    Sun-ken Rock

    I didn't see a thread on this, however its become one of my favorites, this thread is about anything pertaining to this manga.

    A brief on the plot.

    The protagonist name is Ken, a high school hoodlum living in japan, he confesses to a girl named Yumi who turns him down saying while she doesn't not like him, she's Korean and is moving to Korea to become a police officer, a year goes by when Ken sees her on the news as a police officer - this inspires him to quit school/learn Korean/and follow her to Korea!

    However things aren't all what he expected, after a year of being a shut-in in Korea he runs into her and lies about him having a job - down on his luck he goes to a ramen store without money, the old ramen owner gives him a bowl for free, while eating a group of 'Gondal' walk in and reck the shop - Ken beats them down and says he would protect the shop no matter what.

    Tae-Soo a Boss of a small group watching the spectacle decides to bring ken into his organization, however after talking and fighting Ken he decides that Ken should be the boss.

    Now being the leader of a small group Ken tries to protect the people in his district from larger groups who would do them harm.


    Two screenshots, just a look if you never seen/read it.


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