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Sasuke was able to counter the Samurai chakra augmented attacks with his own lightening augmented sword. I don't see why Raikage's armor wouldn't be able to block regular chakra blades in light of that, or why it would even be refered to as lightening armour if its shielding effects were limited to shielding from one element. Chidori is a very focused lightening elemental thrust, I believe that is the only reason it was able to pierce the armour at all.
case closed. Sasuke's chidori is from a different level, then what those low-life samurai's used for attackin him.. and OF COURSE, Raikage's armor would be too much for those L- swords from those samurai's.

- and people,.. stop with saying that Minato can only use teleportation. Almost every shinobi we've seen, used several jutsu's, and not everything he has in his arsenal.

BUT I AGREE with Artifice, that it would be awesome, if Kishi showed us in his flashbacks, that someone of Minato's calibur, could use this or that. And let us not forget; Minato showed us lots of advanced stuff during his battle against Kyuubi and Madara. Teleportation through those seals is " his mark ".

1. Minato teleported Kyuubi's blast away
2. Copied Bijuu's blast and made an un-perfect rasengan
3. Dead Demon Seal
4. Hiraishin level 1 and 2
5. gamabunta

Why even trying to use other jutsu's, when you can get your job done with your best jutsu's? Minato, Itachi's hype are so huge.. that we're excepting too much from them.