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Thread: Soul Calibur V

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    Fresh from TGS two more characters join the cast.

    DIE WORMS! Ahh, the lovely sound of a man-made killing machine thirsting for blood. We all know what that means right? Astaroth is back to up his kill count.

    Here's a twist, only the second completely original character, Viola, has been introduced. She travels with Z.W.E.I., (Think it stands for Zoolander Wannabee Enjoying Icecapades) and doesn't remember where she comes from. There you go Namco, stick with the classics.

    Hope you enjoyed your sporadic Soul Cal report. This is Trilight signing off.

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    ... at 2:35, there is a silver werewolf in armor, standing beside Z.W.E.I.. Is it his transformation or one of those beings he can summon ?

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    Wow I didn't know there were SCV Fans on here I'm thrilled! You guys should check out it is like for soul calibur and the community is HUGE! the site design is awesome! And you will get ALL the info you need on upcoming SCV and previous SC games if interested, in addition you will get any latest update of the game almost immediately since the site now affiliated with Namco! Check it out its great!

    Also, I play SCIV online and I'm very good If anyone intersted in playing simply send a message to ShinjiUrahara. Thanks.

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    add ShinjiUrahara (PS3 only)

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