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Naruto wasn't even hurt at all by blocking the Raikage's punch... the one that put holes in Juugo and forced Sasuke to use Susano'o. Naruto can also completely match the Raikage's speed, with perfect control. That pretty much means he can dodge Amaterasu the same way Raikage can.

I think Naruto definitely had that fight in the bag... Bee might have intervened to let Naruto go to battle, but I think it was the Raikage he was saving from a brutal asswhooping. Bee knows Naruto's on another level.

I wonder what was up with Naruto preparing to make a Kagebunshin, though! That's supposed to be very dangerous in Kyuubi Mode, but he must have had some plan to use it and end the fight right there, because he looked pretty serious.

It's good that Naruto is so open about calling Minato "Dad" now. But what's up with Bee and Raikage not being brothers?! What's Bee's real name, then? Are all the name puns in the Kumo-crew not really puns at all?

I'm sortof upset the Raikage is coming off as such a douche this chapter, talking to Bee like that. I thought he was better than that, and it seemed like he really cared for Bee when he went off to avenge him against Sasuke. Is Bee really just a weapon to him?
here we go again with the speed debate. lolz. kishimoto should tag these shinobis with freakin speedometers so we can be done with em.

The panel which I personally thought was the most interesting was the panel in which Ei revealed that he was fully aware of the child of prophecy and that Jiraiya believed that Minato was the child of prophecy, which I don't recall being mentioned before. As for his opinions on the role of the bijuu, the Raikage really is cold. Believing in no individuality? No wonder 'Bee' is such an eccentric character.Raikage is a beast hands down.