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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    (how big the SS is compared to real world ?).
    Don't really know but Seretei is said to be 10 days walk from one gate to another according to yoruichi(example north gate to south gate, there are 4 gates with 4 guards, one of which is jidanbo), That means its a total of 40 days walk if you circumnavigate it from the outside... 40 days walk is the size of the USSR lol.. and you can see from the anime also that even from a view from the top of sokyouku hill you can't really see the edges of seretei.., and the entire rokungai surrounds sereitei in 4 corners and each corners has 80 districts north, east, west, south... and we don't know how far it extends, if there is still an SS after 4 80th districts... It could be the same size as the real world or even larger

    On a side not hueco mundo is pretty large too.. With las noches being partially 3 days walk in size according to nel.. That shows you how OP ulquiorra's lanso when it dwarfed the dome with its blasts.. That could have destroyed karakura 10 times over

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    Felt like a quick chapter, but good nonetheless. It's good to finally see Inoue take a stand and use some offensive abilities. Still curious about the mystery shinigami in the room with Urahara and Isshin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by my2kb22 View Post
    Lol what episode is that in the dub? I've never seen a dub version of bleach... Its terrible if isshin announced himself as the former 11th squad captain, it would destroy the story line hehe... the former captain of the 11th squad was kiganju kenpachi who was more that 7 feet tall and 300-400lbs, taller and heavier than the current kenpachi... though his size didn't matter as zaraki dispatched him "Easily" lol
    Lol! I believe it was episode 110? or 111? It was when Isshin killed arrancar Grand Fisher. I actually believed it until they did the SS vizard flashback in the 200s...dam english dubs! I watched them up until 170...then found that the sub is MUCH better lol

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