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Correct me if I am wrong, but Naruto currently CANNOT use Kage Bunshins while in Rikudo Mode, or is it that he can, but risks Chakra depletion?
Well.. let me put it like this; Naruto CAN use Kage Bunshins in R- Mode and it's not that he risks chakra depletion, Naruto will simple DIE if he uses kage bunshins. click on spoiler tag;

As you can see, Naruto will die if he uses Kage Bunshins. I now I said in my previous post, that it would be awesome for seeing Naruto using KB in his R- Mode with Rasengans.. though I forgot this crucial information.

- But then again; they also said that he can't expand his Sage Mode limitations and what did he do in the end? Yes.. he found away. That's always with Naruto: he WILL ALWAYS surpass the limitations of his jutsu's by pure confidence and his love in his heart for saving his friends.. gives him the necessary boost for achieving every exceptations.