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    And here comes Bleach this week with a much more lighthearted and ambient mood out of the big three. The laid back humor and shady meetings in the background go together in inimitable fashion.

    Yukio's fullbring is of course amazing, was also amusing to see Ichigo's shyness in revealing his inner gamer nerd. Don't worry all us gamers would love for the chance to live out our virtual adventures. "I haven't not thought about it," very subtle Ichi very subtle.

    Yukio even went out of his way to create HP and a Resident Evil esque "You're Dead" which is clever with tying game references together. Bite me is a term I hope never goes out of style. Looks like Orihime is going to act as our hero's personal phoenix down. Riruka plays the subtle card just about as well as Ichigo.

    Those colorings are great. I'm fond of the Riruka and Yukio ones myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaiden View Post
    I just got a wild idea what if its the mystery Shinigami is Gin. We don't really if he died or not. It could happen.
    thats not a bad idea J.

    and this was a good chapter and i have no idea who it is. i mean i think its up in the air on whether they are trying to seal his powers or return them. because giving them back would take away his future as a human. but, sealing them would take away his future as a soul reaper. so i think its 50/50 right now on what they are trying to do.
    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Lol, I bet you argue too much with cross. It's not really healthy you know.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    Hey stick to the topic, quit asking nonsense question about other series or if cross777 is thunder luffy which by the way have different IP addresses.... Next person that goes off topic will be infracted...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cross777 View Post

    and this was a good chapter and i have no idea who it is. i mean i think its up in the air on whether they are trying to seal his powers or return them. because giving them back would take away his future as a human. but, sealing them would take away his future as a soul reaper. so i think its 50/50 right now on what they are trying to do.
    My thoughts exactly, its either giving him his shinigami powers back which was sealed in whatever that container urahara brought out or taking his current powers and sealing it... I sure hope its the first... I wanna see his shinigami powers back and combined with his fullbring to bring fort a new kind of mixture... Imagine having a shinigami+hollow masks+ fullbring

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    I don't see how Urahara's and Isshin's banter nccessarily indicates that they want to seal Ichigo's powers. That is only one way of interpreting what they said.

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    who the shinigami is is not the question we should be asking but why isshin is taking this action, why they want to seal ichigo's power, why he wants to take away his future from him? also it looks like something he has no choice but to do, when he told urahara that it's the reason he doesn't want him to repeat what urahara was saying. Darn you kubo, you and your cliffhangers .

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    Ah the master of the troll strikes again!

    Nothing stellar in the chapter, videogame fullbring is kinda cool, if not somewhat seemingly OP.

    Perhaps Urahara and Isshin are planning on killing Ichigo...then he would go to SS and perhaps become a full fledged shinigami the correct way? lol... I also took Urahara's statement as something that could go both ways, either sealing Ichigo's powers somehow or returning his powers somehow, either way they will force Ichigo to be someone without him having a say, so in a sense it will take away his own future and predestine him in some way.

    The shinigami is probably Renji unless Rukia hit a major(late) growth spurt.

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    865 one's going to mention Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, huh? You guys suck. I wonder if Kubo's a fan...

    Pure awesomeness, btw! Always makes me want to flip around while punching my coworkers X-D

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    So once again Orihime really will register less useful than Sakura. Glad at least there will be no more crying, pleading, to not fight, or "not turn into some creature while protecting her herself". Saddened that I was right about Orihime's usefulness.

    Surprised that Yukio doesn't have some type of game restart, or re-energize option, so they don't need Orohime.

    Wonder if what Urahara and isshin are doing could have something to do with the full-bringers supposed killed former shinigami/humans...
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    I loved the short dialogue between Orihime and Riruka. Revealed a lot of things about both characters and their relationship to Ichigo without actually saying it straight out. So amazingly subtle.

    I'm curious to know whether Ginjo's goal is the same as Isshin's and Urahara's. Nothing they have done so far indicates that they are opposite. In general a very interesting turn of events, although surely Urahara and Isshin must know about XCUTION. A group like that would have a hard time go unnoticed in the spirit world.

    As for Squad Zero's comment about Ichigo losing his body, I can see it happening in the far future as the ultimate sacrifice. That would also put Orihime's statement to an edge, as well as Rurika's if she would still be around at that point. I admit, that girl completely charmed me.
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    It looks like Urahara wants to seal Ichigo's powers so, if he somehow goes to hell, he want have the power to open the gates or what ever do those hell guy want him a way it is a reasonable choice...
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