625: uninherited will

Tenryuubito arrives gravely injured
The fishmen yell to kill him
The Tenryuubito screams "save me, slaves!" at them
The fishmen aim their guns at the Tenryuubito, and fires
Otohime jumps out in front of him and gets shot instead
Otohime tells them to throw away their guns, the children are watching
Jinbe appears

Shirahoshi asks Fukaboshi what a "Tenryuubito" is, and he answers "human".

The fishmen aiming the guns asks Otohime why she is saving the Tenryuubito
Otohime answers they shouldn't teach their children anger and hatred
Jinbe remembers what Tiger said in his dying bed
The Tenryuubito picks up a gun from the floor and aims at Otohime

Shirahoshi starts crying
As she cries aloud, the water moves and waves bring Sea Kings
The fishmen and the Tenryuubito gazes in amazement, but soon the Sea Kings leave
The Legend of Mermaid Princess who commands Sea Kings with her cry is born
Vander Decken the first (is this ohana's mistake?) saught after legends
Vander Decekn decides he shall be the one who marries Shirahoshi

Tenryuubito passes out, and Otohime tells her people to take care of him
The Tenryuubito recovers, and vows to make them pay for pointing guns at him
Fishmen insist they shouldn't let the man leave the island
Otohime says she'll go with him, and the King tries to stop her

One week pass... and Otohime returns holding a paper...

And so, the history moves! Chapter end

As usual ohana's scribbles are hard to read compared to T...

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T's tidbit

897 :T ◆PecpvbY4/. [] :2011/05/18(水) 15:29:13.29 発信元:

扉絵は バラティエ本店改装中 ゼフが新聞読んでる。

天竜人は元の奴隷の魚人達がジンベエのおかげで解放されたけど、取り返しに行くつもりで魚 人島にきた様 子。
Coverstory is Baratie Restaurant under remodeling, Zeff is reading the newspaper

It seems the Tenryuubito came to FI to take back the slaves Jinbe freed.