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    Hitomi no Catoblepas Katekyo Hitman Reborn Chapter 336 : "Daemon Reborn"

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    I' The first scene of Daemon as a black silhouette eerily reminded me of Ghost, yet when Daemon stepped out of his makeshift portal, my jaw dropped. I know that it's supposed to be Murkuro's body, but that's clearly Spade we see at the end. He's not just the possessor but the entire entity.

    And now, more than ever, Vindice seems so mysterious. It's clear that they have their own agenda, of which Reborn is not completely unaware (so it would seem from his compulsory reactions). This "power" Vindice's head guard speaks of is wild...I'm guessing it is linked to their ability to appear in places (teleportation perhaps). I'm at my wits end as to trying to understand why Vindice doesn't feel obligated to clean up after itself, but this certainly gives all of us the plot connectors we need to figure out how everyone is rescued from the prison. What bugs me is how Tsuna and Enma didn't outright make the conditions that their comrades should be returned to fight, which would make winning so much easier (in return for winning would still be their freedom).

    Of course, now is our chance to see how Daemon handles his new flame (an extreme integration of his Mist and Desert flames?) and further how Tsuna and Enma will handle this together. Like I said before, I'm so excited.

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    Great chapter.

    Daemon in Mukuro's looks so much like a chick. Daemon acquiring the same power as Vindice. Sounds interesting.

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    tsuna beat byukaran who could destroy an entire mountain with a blink of his eye, so he should be able to beat Daemon Spade.

    Daemons new look is weird, he looks like a lion tamer or something

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    LOL, U MAD? Arbitrary's Avatar
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    Ohh, that's what got it to the high ranks.

    I'm somewhat disappointed with Daemon's suit.

    Anyway, we haven't solved the case of the Arcobalenos and here is the Vindice pumpin' more mysteries. I'm sticking with this manga after all.

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    Wow, they really might be vampires, though he could be a reincarnation just like Vongola guardians.

    So, when Deamon could use 2 flames, he didn't have Vindice power, yet the moment he obtained Mukuro's body he could. This could point out Vindice's condition of obtaining power and looking the same as in the past (and why they cover their faces). That is, they are using their family members body. Basically when a new member of Vindice reaches a certain age, it must take over of his ancestor's body with later allows him to use the dark flames (or the other way around), although this would mean that Deamon and Mukuro are linked by blood (all current guardians are linked at least by soul to the first generation (Tsuna is linked with blood as well)) as Damon's soul is still in the living world, that is if Deamon literally meant that they are their reincarnations.

    Longer hair, yay for the stereotype manga power up.

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    HAHAHAHAHAHA yes the long hair power up is alive and well LOL.

    but it was a good chapter LOL. it should be a good fight at least.
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    Was thinking, since we never really see Enma's ancestor die, maybe he was just in hiding all that time until he died and the Vindice could also be descendants of the "in hiding" ancestor(forget his name), or some of his crew.
    Also think that might be a reason they are willing to let their members go, if the goal was basically to reconcile the 2 families in the 1st place.

    Would be interesting if Tsuna or Reborn gets sentimental and finagles a way out of prison for Mukuro at the end of this.
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    Well living in a fish tank leaves not much room to get a haircut i'd think
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrFry View Post
    Well living in a fish tank leaves not much room to get a haircut i'd think

    Here, Mukuro's hair is short. This gel may be conserving the body well, or they just give him a hair cut from time to time ;P .

    Mukuro is basically a part of the Vongola, so he might be let lose as well, unless their agreement was considering only the family's fight.

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