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    Question Soul Eater and Scanlators?

    Yes, I do realize the original thread was thrown in the graveyard, but please be lenient on me, I read the FAQ and to the best of my knowledge I haven't broken any rule in posting this innocent question (and if this isn't the right section to post, I'm also sorry).
    So , , , what us up with the Soul Eater scanlators? In some chapters (Mahou-X) pages are either missing or untranslated (you can always tell something was skipped), so what's up? Is there a legitimate reason for this at least or any alternate chapters done by different groups (most chapters are done by only one group)?

    P.S. I do realize I should buy the official manga, but I got my own excuses (as everyone else), and users shouldn't bash me for this as this IS a site dedicated to manga piracy. So, can someone actually answer my question, please?

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    This is a nice community. Not only do I waste my time trying to ask and at the same time point out something that may be irritating all soul eater readers but I get hate comments! When I rephrase myself more strongly people don't comment at all. Just shows the level of this community (at least this board), that doesn't even know how to respond to a simple question.

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    If you have a problem with a scanlators work take it up with them. Don't bitch in here about it.

    To future posters: No trolling.
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    At least someone responded. I guess I'll ask the actual scanlator.

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