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    Naruto Naruto Chapter 538 : "Cross-Examination"

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    The Emperor of Everything dct21's Avatar
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    wow another flashback, kishimoto probably has the most pointless flashbacks of any shounen manga, we already knew naruto was confident when he talked to sasuke in the land of snow/ or samurai. But i have to admit when Naruto told the kyubi not to underestimate me that was pretty badass, the kyubi seemed to be even scared for a second.

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    Senior Member kiduka's Avatar
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    I though Naruto would be the one who tries to win over the Kyuubi not the other way around,

    But it looks like their begging to communicate much like Bee and Hachibi. To bad Naruto had to pin him down again, but this indicates a new power up coming soon.

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    Scanlator POW's Avatar
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    Not at all what I was expecting for this chapter but it probably means something big is coming next week. I think Naruto may have to fight the Raikage and this is the build up of his resolve he will show.

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    Ah Naruto, a more selfless guy you'll never find. I didn't mind the flashback so much considering we haven't seen the Rookie 9 as kids in quite some time, and it demonstrated how far they've all come as well. Shikamaru now less of a lazabout and more of an intelligent leader, Choji maturing from a gentle giant to a hulking warrior, and yet one thing which has remained constant is their bond as friends.

    Kiba and Shino's banter was funny too, and I'm really glad Sakura and Ino bypassed their previous fangirling tendencies in favor of becoming battle efficient ninjas instead. Who would've thought the shy and innocent Hinata would grow up to be strong enough to confront the leader of the most notorious rogue ninja organization in the world? It's surreal looking back and seeing how they've all grown up.

    I have a feeling the sparring traditions are going to be practiced in the upcoming fight Naruto and Sasuke have in store, or at least attempted in Naruto's case.

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
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    Vor Lord Icho Tolot's Avatar
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    Disappointing chapter! :(

    So many things to show us and kishi gave us another chapter with something everybody already knows.

    Let just wait another week.

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    Senior Member Shikamaru the 7th's Avatar
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    aw great another touchy feely naruto loves sasuke chap. first he dizzes hot lil hinata, then big boobs sakura declares her love for him n he just dizzes her too! n all he can think about is sasukem lets face it our hero is a fanny pack , still cool but a fanny pack, good thing for all the other bad asss characters a?

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    Yesss... Rlinfamous's Avatar
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    It's just to set things up for the Naruto vs. Sasuke battle. You know they'll use that Shinobi sparring etiquette. The hand signs are the same as the statues of Madara and Hashirama at the Valley of the End.

    I bet they'll do what Madara and Hashirama couldn't, though, and end the fight with the symbol of harmony, the finger-crossing handshake thing. Just like at the end of their first Valley of the End fight, during the Rasengan/Chidori clash.

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    Global Moderator Jaiden's Avatar
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    Great chapter!

    I know it wasn't what everyone was expecting because of the events of last chapter but I definitely enjoyed it. Especially the last page with Naruto literally facing the Kyuubi eye to eye like he did. The boy is just brimming with confidence right now.

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