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    Quote Originally Posted by cross777 View Post
    so true so true. we are not hurting any one. as dysfunctional as we may be, we are still a family and a community, just trying to mind our own bees wax. LOL.

    so any progress on plugging the holes? like? also are there any other side effects that we might not know about?
    Hypocritical at it's worse. Wouldn't be surprised if you sparked this hack.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris200 View Post
    Geez whats with hackers now these days? First PSN now Mangashare? smh
    PSN so stupid not encrypting their old text files if they weren't changing it. Good thing I rock a xbox, wonder where all the people b*tching about having to pay for xbox live doing now rocking the ps3's. Nothing because they can't play !! You get what you pay for MOTHERF*CKERS!

    I didn't even know the site was hacked 2 days ago, I thought it was just me. Glad everything is shaping back up to what it was now, hopefully? Maybe?
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