So at some point early this morning it appears that someone used a vulnerability in the vbulletin software to takeover our site, exported the user database and replaced our homepage with the most poorly constructed html I've ever seen.

The situation is this: We've upgraded to vb 4.1.3, so hopefully are now a bit more secure (fingers crossed).

The Bad News: The database corruption resulted in a loss of about a day and a half's worth of posts, updates etc.. sorry.

The worse news: All of the information in your forum profile and registration has been stolen by a hacking group calling themselves "pro2leet".

Before the angry tirade, consider this: We could have said nothing, and let it be, but I feel that would not be a very responsible thing to do, and so we're taking steps to improve security, and hopefully this won't happen again.

I'm very sorry, and I'm not a happy camper - we are taking special steps to .. find these people in the real world and dump a truckload of manure on their driveways, if you have another punishment in mind, I'm open to suggestions.

The good news: It is very unlikely that anyone has your password, however it might be a good idea to change it if you use the same password for other things.. like facebook or your email...

Forums are now reopen.