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    Bleach 447: "The Dark Beat 2"

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    1.)Tsukishima is trying to taint ichigo? is that what he said at the last part before the game kid sucked ichigo into his nintendo? What the hell does that mean taint? influence him of some sort like what he did to orihime.

    2.)So that is why Xcution is trying to "protect him" from tsukishima so that tsuki could not taint ichigo and Xcution would like to use him to their own gain like what ginjou said this chapter "You dying isn't in my best interests".

    3.) Ichigo evolved rapidly again... Tsuki said its so much closer to that of the heights his previous power reached.. probably his bankai form before the dangai training. because its certainly not even 1/1000th of the strength he has when he fought aizen after the dangai effect or the FGT

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    Hey Jaiden, did that look like a Fullbring Hollowification in the making there?

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