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    Quote Originally Posted by redsquirrel View Post
    I wasn't comparing the end of the series, I was comparing the writing style. I prefer Seishi's to Masashi's. Except during serious fights. In my opinion no one does serious fights and main character's deaths like Masashi. The chapter where Jaraiya dies is one of my favorite chapters ever. What I was saying is that I admire that Seishi did an open ending that well. One of my favorite writers, Orson Scott Card, often does open endings for his book. It takes a very good writer to be able to do this without leaving an obvious linear path for the story to go. I do not know how Mashashi will handle the end of his series, I just hope he continues to write as he has been lately, it's much better than at the beginning of shippuuden.
    Why wouldnt you put in spoiler tags you absolute dick?

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    Thanks for replying, in an unintelligent manner, to something I posted four months ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsquirrel View Post
    Thanks for replying, in an unintelligent manner, to something I posted four months ago.
    Apart from the swearing what in particular did you find unintelligent about it ? Im sorry that you dont like to be called on issues of common courtesy. Why dont you explain your reasoning behind randomly blurting out large plot spoilers in a general discussion thread? Im sure it'll be stunning.

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    Damn i thought this manga was crazy shit man! fcking it had it all man, the o-parts devils angels. I gotta say it's pretty tough. 666 Satan FTW

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    Hmm, so I was faced with a dilemma. I could either do physics homework or read all 70+ chapters of 666 Satan. Guess which one I picked?

    Now I realize there are a lot of comparisons made between 666 Satan and Naruto because the two mangaka are brothers (twins :O) but in reality, before I read people pointing this out, they two didn't strike more similar to each other than...any other shounen do to one another. There is a underestimated protagonist, with a dark past who has no parents or family. Never heard of that one before. In fact, the entire manga reminded me more of DGM than of Naruto, including the art.

    I have to say, this manga was very good, it probably required immense amounts of research due to the detail to which Kishimoto goes into the biblical understory. (Probably an other reason why it reminded me of DGM) I liked the backstory on all of the characters and the plot was well done even though much of it was predictable (like Zekuto being the leader of Zenom). I think Kishimoto went a little out of hand with tentacles and worms, and I have no idea why post-time skip, Cross became a transsexual. That one totally confused me. When we first saw him, I thought he was some new chick Ball picked up.

    Now then, the comparison between Naruto and 666 Satan
    666 Satan
    • Better basis of plot
    • More interesting characters
    • Good comic relief
    • Ruby

    • Long winded dialogue to explain the diabolical plans
    • Too little focus on secondary characters
    • Didn't even show half of the angels/demons
    • Old lady as final boss...lolwut?
    • Didn't explore the love story that they spent quite some time setting up between Ruby and Jio

    • More versatile in plot
    • More varied battles (except when Naruto is Rasengan-ing everything)
    • Ninjas
    • Better explored protagonist

    • People not dying when they should
    • People dying when they shouldn't
    • Plotholes, plotholes and more plotholes
    • Sasuke
    • Sakura
    • Excessively long arcs

    In the end, I can't really say I enjoyed 666 Satan more than I enjoyed the better chapters of Naruto. However, Naruto lacks a batshit crazy antagonist because they killed Orochimaru and also killed the two great protagonists in Jiraya and Kakashi for seemingly no good reason. (Well, Kakashi at least) And also, Ruby > Sakura x 1000000


    Ever wonder why one of your particularly bad posts has been deleted? Feel free to contact me!

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    ^ LULZ

    so i barely started reading this
    which manga came out 1st?
    because it feels like im reading naruto, just without the ninjas

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    Read it
    Finished it
    I thought it was OK. nothing special

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    It seems NOT only Seishi had copied things from Masashi as the media said. But even Masashi did that, I mean Masashi has copied things from Seishi's work . An example
    Inextinguishable Black Flame technique which is well know as Amatersu in Naruto Universe. It appeared in Ch.3 of 666 Satan & that was around Jan/Feb 2002.
    It appeared around Ch. 143 of Naruto that was around Oct/Nov 2002. So even Masashi is a copycat of his brother not only Seishi as media said

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