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    Hey Jaiden, did that look like a Fullbring Hollowification in the making there?

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    Your getting a head of yourself, in the words of Chad no one knows the full extent of Ichigo's fullbring.
    I'm not specifically mentioning anything about Ichigo's fullbring though. I am however making an argument between the differences between his spiritual and physical body. As much as I know this is a superpower manga and physical laws and so on do not directly apply would they in a manga that attempted a more realistic approach, I think the differences between the physical and the spiritual could certainly be emphasized.

    Again, I am not saying that Kubo necessarily should deploy such level of realism. In fact, I think it would be impossible unless Kubo would gain a thoroughly knowledge of the human body and how it physically functions, as well as the impacts of physics on the human body, but I do think it should be considered.
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