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Thread: Ace's Potential

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    Ace let Akainu hit him so to not let Luffy get hit. That's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirxxx View Post
    I still believe that one of the worst things that ever happened to Portgas D. Ace was the Mera Mera no Mi.

    Ace would've been SO much stronger had he never acquired his devil fruit. Just reading over the grey terminal arc again and seeing his ten-year-old/teenage self beating down bar ruffians, wild animals, pirate captains, and saving Dadan with nothing more than a steel pipe and steel balls--the guy had potential!

    Flash forward to his fight against Blackbeard, and he was helpless once his Fire was disabled. He should've been punching/body slamming/stomping the sh*t outta BB, but all he could do was barely survive a few love taps. If he had not gotten that logia (or even if he had gotten just a paramecia or zoan of some kind), he would've been forced to rely on his own strength and develop his haki to survive. Can you imagine what a force he would've been by the time that war rolled around?!

    I mean, Jinbei stopped Akainu's magma punch barehanded. Alternate-universe Ace would've stopped that attack at Luffy, then shoved the fist right back down Akainu's throat.
    Nah.. His problem was he got contented on what he was. He was finally accepted as family by WB and that was all he wanted. Ace already have his df when he fought Jinbei and they were on par with each other. They fought for days and obviously Ace was able to take all of those physical attacks coming from a fishman. After that I didn't see any growth from him whatsoever. He lost his desire he had when he was still a kid. He didn't neglect training his own strength, it's just that he didn't do it with much muster as before.

    You should also give credit to BB as well. That sob is tough too. Also, he even gave credit to Ace strength even without his df. BB was just stronger than him at that point.

    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post
    Ace let Akainu hit him so to not let Luffy get hit. That's it.
    This. The problem is that Akainu just had to brag about how his df is superior to Ace. That's why people are still debating about it.

    Ace made his body solid to stop Akainu's punch. If it were just a just a physical punch, Ace could probably fixed it with his logia power and lessen the damage taken but it wasn't just a physical attack. Ace couldn't handle the heat even with his fire logia. If he activated his df he could have lessen the damage and might avoid a fatal blow but he would still get burned just the same as his arm when he touched Akainu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FenixMarco View Post
    There is and never will be any "if's". He's dead.
    its true he is dead...after all this thread is called ace's potential...thats why i'm posted that post...

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