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    Bakuman 129 Discussion/130 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by Calcifer View Post
    Got to be Shinhan for me, He dickrides the mods like there's no tomorrow.

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    totaly didn't see that ending lol. but i was so right about that fight.

    Quote Originally Posted by dct21 View Post
    lol I hope Himura knows karate or something because all Nakai has to do is charge.

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    lol. LMAO! My heart was touched at how Hiramaru kept getting up and getting knocked down again. Its something we've seen in many shounen mangas, especially the top 3, but its never been done like this...with a sense of realism.

    E P I C !

    The whole chapter was win. Now I feel sorry for Hiramaru; he shouldn't make promises on a whim.
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    That chapter was hilarious! LOL epic stuff.

    Hiramaru & Nakai together is pretty much the biggest comical relief you can get. The most worthless and uninspiring team of fools. Just wait till nakai meets the editor, there's gonna be some interesting 3-way dialogs there.

    Just an awesome turn of events, can't wait to see more.

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    Aoki's sassy look was awesome. Hiramaru easily took it this chapter again!

    Hiramaru > Eiji

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    Great chapter as usual. This one though was exceptional.

    Hirmamaru in his Bruce Lee outfit was just win. Listen to the wise words of Hirmaru, "Violence is a no,no with women. It's not something a man should resort to." Definitely didn't see that ending coming though.

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