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    Fairy Tail Chapters 232/233 Discussion and Prediction


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    The Emperor of Everything dct21's Avatar
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    nice chapter, Kana just got a major temparary power up but how is she gonna beat bluenote, It's starting to look like fairy tail is going to win this war after all

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    shiro merciless's Avatar
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    wow lol that was totally unexpected, gildartz , really? Awesome

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    Fairy Glitter, isn't it just a one-shot Fairy Law (maybe stronger ?) ? So, the 3 great FT's magic are: Fairy Glitter, Fairy Law and ???(probably it isn't Grimoire Law). Probably each great magic, comes from one master.

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    Seriously !!?? Just see that as disappointing, and makes Cana seem really like the ultimate big kid.
    In the past 12 years, Cana didn't grow in mind at all from some weird idea that he should recognize her. Don't they have men who women don't tell they have children, in the world of FT too?

    Agreed with Monte. Teacher, makes it seem like Gildartz will probably be the 1 to die, but at least Cana should still be a S- class mage.

    P.S. That last page, was Cana like flying, or just running faster than we've ever seen her move?
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    Global Moderator Jaiden's Avatar
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    Great chapter and HOLY SHIT what a reveal!

    Gildarts, WOW that definitely came out of nowhere. I have a feeling that he already knows that Cana's his kid though. Now Cana has Fairy Glitter (which it had a better name) let's see how she handles Bluenote with it. With the reveal and all I hope this means Gildarts will appears again soon.

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    Didn't like this chapter... Cana gets a permanent? power up for "reforming"? What about the others, like Natsu, Gray, Erza, or even Gajeel, who have proven their loyalty to their friends time and again are left with no rewards? Biggest cop out since Lissana's revival. That took one of the few tragedies away from the story, this one rewards someone who just a few chapters ago left her friend to die then suddenly decides to "reform" when she realizes she can't reach her goal, whilst ignoring those who have proven their loyalty and worth time and again. It's like giving a tax break to ex-patriats to return to a country whilst increasing the taxes on those who stayed back in the first place to fund it!(This is actually happening in a little country called Malaysia, FYI)

    My prediction:
    Cana appears to die, angry Natsu absorbs Fairy Glitter by nullifying his own magic, beats Blue Note, loses the power up, Cana isn't dead after all! Cut to Gray.

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    Sex on Fire Flare Blitz's Avatar
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    This chap wa pretty awesome.
    Sees a ray of hope that gildartz might show up after all.
    And I alo think Gilz allready knows cana is his daughter.
    Can't wait to see the fairy-glitter in action
    and to see Natsu drag out some more of his potential in the end and do somethin ape-shitbadass again.

    It might be a requirement to obtain 1 of the 3 fairy tail powerfull magics to become an S-class mage, if mavis sees the person worthy.
    So far we'v seen laxus with fairy law and now cana with fairy-glitter?
    Though I'm fairly certain cana won't be the only one to become an S-class only cause she has had the fairy-glitter.
    Guess we'll have to w8 and see.

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    awww cana was so cute when she sat there waiting for gildartz...and wtf?! gildartz had a child?'t he destroy anything he walks into?!?!

    Alright. Guess Cana is gunna finally show us what she is made of, other than booze. Gildartz: "Your clothes will wind up reeking of booze." lmfao

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    future shaman king DaShaman's Avatar
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    inside the great spirit
    I realy didnt see gildarts beeing canas father but now i realy see why she wants to become S-class
    i dont think gildarts know, if he dont i cant wait to see the look on his face.
    and why didnt the lucy card work when lucy was fighting fatso? or did cana just ignor it
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