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  1. #111
    D'gray man is ALOT better than those three animes/manga. and Hoshino is pritty much just accident prone, if you ask me. of course she wants D'gray man to be more popular, but you have to understand that she's just human. there are also lots of problems in japan right now.

    P.S. i heard that volume 22 is out, but it's sold out and volume 23 should come out in december.

  2. #112
    volume 22 is out and there are still a few left on the shelves in my local japanese bookstore here. i should just go buy them all lol. still holding out for july 15th to be the day they release chapter 206. hoshino does seem to get sick more often than others but they still want to publish her work because it's still popular, i assume. hell, i know i'm waiting for it!

  3. #113
    Lucky. I wish there was a japanese book store where I lived. instead, i you have to read/buy manga in BarnsN'Nobles.(spl?) and they don't have all the d'gray man volumes.

    P.S. i was toled ch.206 was out on july 4th

  4. #114
    spoilers are out, it's not all of it yet though!

  5. #115
    Omg the chapters here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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