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Sinamon, I totally agree with your views on those few pages, and I especially loved that one shot of him backing away, I got goosebumps at that one LOL!
And I think you're right about them meeting once he'd shown the monsters within who's boss, but w';/hat breaks my heart right now is knowing the sad journey he'll have to go through first...and I shall be with him every step of the way! Who's with me?!
am totally with you and the entire community. it would be heart-wrenching for allen to go through this alone. it would have been nice for lenalee to go with him to support him through this but it's understandable why she couldn't leave and i'm sure he wouldn't have let her. that's why, i hope he eventually goes to mater and finds kinda to get help from an unlikely source lol. but then again, he won't be using the ark anymore so he's gone on a one-way trip to somewhere he thinks is important...somewhere he could learn more about mana? i just wish for allen to catch a break at some point. the dude has to suffer so much all the time.