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  1. #101
    Quote Originally Posted by Mugen21 View Post
    ARGH. Period. I could rant and rave and probably will in another post... but for now just WTF ARGH.
    Oh for pete's sake, really?!?! She is a sickly mangaka.

    So, Mugen21...I see you must be a fan of Champloo. me too :-)

  2. #102
    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Manga View Post
    too many purple marker fumes, obviously.
    this made me shoot the tea i was drinking at the time out my nose. too true, miss_manga. too true.

  3. #103
    I wouldn't be surprised if she was a Munchausen case at her local ER... I suspect psychosomatic...

    Didn't they say she has a fancy version of the stomach flu? lol her tummies upset - Sorry I spoke my mind =P
    oh noes - It's the end of the world.

  4. #104
    hopefully we will get that double-update this time.

  5. #105
    maybe Kanda and Alma's ghosts are haunting her and she's been forgetting to take her vitamin C? 8D

  6. #106
    Yay! Today's Kandas Birthday! Happy Birthday Kanda Yu!

  7. #107
    we would've gotton a new chapter on Kanda's birthday.

  8. #108
    HAPPY BDAY KANDA!!!!! 8D I wish I could have done fanart but a rehashing of what I've already done is the best I can do XD

    anyone know what everyone's bdays are, so i don't miss them again? XD

  9. #109
    off the top of my head, i only remember kanda's and then lenalee's (feb 20), lavi's (aug 10) and allen's (dec 25 as it's celebrated for his adoption). the others' i'd have to go look....

    komui's (june 13)
    reever's (sept 8)
    krory's (dec 1)
    miranda's (jan 1)
    bak's (nov 11)
    link's (dec 29)

  10. #110
    I am very surprised that they continue to publish her work with so many months she has missed her deadlines. As much as I respect her and I totally want her to get well and be healthy, It is strange that while other mangaka are pumping out chapters on a weekly basis, yet for a monthly publication she defaults on publishing anything. What kind of sickness keeps you from writing a chapter of manga in a month? She should take some pride in her work, doesn't she want D. Gray Man to make a comeback and maybe get published every week? I know that there is enough of a fanbase out there that if it was published more regularly then it may even get continued as an anime? D. Gray Man is no less than Naruto.. or Bleach.. or One Piece!

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