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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Manga View Post
    geez that just sucks. If they'd given us a double update I wouldn't be that annoyed, but that we've now lost one of the very few (like...12?) releases we get a year really gets me going especially when - even when I know hoshino's circumstances - having been put on a monthly release schedule should have freed up more time to at least have a FEW buffer chapters finished
    I don't think we get 12 a year to be honest with you. More like 6. I could deal with that if each new update packed like 30 to 50 pages of content heavy stuff but that's hardly the case. D. Gray-Man has been lacking since they got back from the arc and I have to say it's really hard to stay interested when the title is updated like once per season and what we do get is hardly worth the wait.

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    1 week left, can't wait!!!

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    I'm so excited! I still think a timeskip is coming up!

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    yah most likely, and if not 206 then it most likely would be 207 or something. I do think a time skip is on it's way though.

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    Sadly there won't be a chapter in June.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geroprog View Post
    Sadly there won't be a chapter in June.
    uh what? it's supposed to be released the first week of june (around june 3). did hoshino say she was skipping this whole month?!

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    Well. She is sick, and because of this, there won't be a chapter now.
    From Mangashare:
    This month : No D-gray-man because author is sick (come back next month).
    I just hope, it's nothing serious, and she will , recover soon.

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    too many purple marker fumes, obviously.

    but seriously this'll be the third time she hasn't updated this year, that cuts us down to like 9 updates this year? considering she's on monthly release she should have had at least SOME backup chapters, or hey, why not the one we missed out on last month? don't they think that a MONTH would be enough for her to recover, and just use that update?
    I think her sick leave will be all used up soon.

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    ARGH. Period. I could rant and rave and probably will in another post... but for now just WTF ARGH.

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