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Source: Mangahelpers
Verification: Confirmed

Verification: Confirmed
Source: NF
Credits: Shounensuki/ vered

Iruka is very solemn after NAruto left for the battlefield.
Then B appears.
Iruka asks B to "please [take care of] Naruto".
Entrusted with this, B runs off.
Hachibi tries to stop him by saying they'll be lariatted by the Raikage again, but spurs him on as he learns of the actual fighting.

The Raikage tells Tsunade that the Kyūbi wasn't stopped.

Barrier team 34? 36? creates a barrier
Naruto arrives.
The barrier doesn't break down.
Then B apppears.
B and Naruto vs the barrier team.
They are easily defeated and B and Naruto head towards the battlefield.

Zetsu senses B and Naruto's chakra as they emerge from the island.
He reports this to Madara through the ground.
The daimyō are getting bored of playing hanafuda. Then White Zetsu attacks... and is stopped by the Mizukage.

Chouji, Darui and the rest make the White Zetsu army hold their breath in tension.
Tenten uses to Bashōsen to cut [with] chakra.(not clear this one).

From behind: "Kuchiyose no Jutsu"
The one summoning is Madara.
What was summoned was the Gedō Mazō? Well, probably(ohana words).

Oh Shi^ do not look at pics your head will explode!