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    AL Leader: Just who is he?

    Now that we have a clear picture of the AL Leader; Who is he, and how powerful is he?
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    Who knows who he is. A new guy that's going to be introduced? He's definitely very powerful to be able to be the Akatsuki leader and also be able to extract the power of the 9 Tailed "monsters".

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    hmmmmmm, i think its been confirmed that he's not the real leader, theres someone else giving him orders in this chapter

    lol Pein and AL look like sasuke and naruto in akatsuki outfits
    LOL, Internet!!

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    Very interesting. Finally the "4th=AL" theory goes down, I guess. And the other "blue haired" akatsuki member seems to be female after all.

    Could those piercings of AL be some power limiters? Now that would be sick. And even if they aren't anything special, they still make him appear more original and stylish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbre2004 View Post
    what chapter in the manga is this on?
    it came from 363 lol ...


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    nice finally a picture of the al

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    We REALLY need to come up with a better name for the Akatsuki Leader, other than AL... I swear, everytime i read "AL", i can't help but think that we're talking about Alphonse Elric
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    rofl why not nemo? xD

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    I bet we'll soon know his real name, so no more AL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbre2004 View Post
    guess i missed that joke
    sorry for that, it's just a lil misunderstanding xD

    btw, the girl is the blue hair 1?

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