with this weeks chapter, we see how naturally Naruto can go into sage mode now, but sage mode still has its limitations (5 minutes or 2 thrown FRS's, whichever comes first. plus a small number of shadow clones.)

we've all thought there has to be a way to bypass, get around or otherwise extend that limitation.. for which we may have very well seen kishi's planned workaround, naruto's new kyuubi powered mode.

mind you I cant read kishi's mind, but heres how I think hes intending this to work.

Naruto goes into sage mode, and brings out his limit of sage mode clones. we all remember what he was able to do to all 6 paths of pain. a few thousand white Zetsu and some of Kabuto's ET summons are no match for that. as sage mode runs out, naruto taps into the fox's chakra and proceeds to start round 2. While the enemy wonders 'WTF? how do we stop him?' he gets that 5 second breather he needs to get back into sage mode and recycle the whole process

i checked to see if this possibility had been mentioned before posting it, and I know it is likely filled with holes big enough to drive a semi through, but thats what this part of the forum is for isnt it?